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About Washer Repair and Other Services in Los Angeles and Orange County

At Tabbert's, our goal for the past 50 years has been to work our hardest in order to satisfy our customers. Whether it be for a new purchase, help with an old one, or appliance repairs in Los Angeles and Orange County, we want our customer to be happy. Over the years we have had a great reputation for our services and products. In fact, we have a great reputation of honesty as well as being able to resolve most problems. As a result, many times customers will drive more than 100 miles to have their electronics repaired by us. We offer TV and appliance repair in Los Angeles and Orange County.
As we offer our services to our customers, we also become their friends. Many times each week a customer will come in to say hi, drop off cookies or home grown fruit and vegetables. That is because we are more than a TV and Appliance store. And that is why "customers send their friends." If you need help with your television or appliance, or need a repair such as washer repair in Los Angeles and Orange County, we have your back. We have expertise in all major brands. If you have warranty work that needs done contact us today. We look forward to helping more in the coming years.
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